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Shades of Yellow (SOY) is the first and only Hmong Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) nonprofit organization in the world that works to provide support, education, advocacy, and leadership development to Hmong/Asian Pacific Islander (HAPI) LGBTQ and allies. SOY is made up of a diverse group of community members, constituents, and allies.  

Our mission  is  to cultivate a community of empowered Hmong LGBTQ and allies to challenge what we've known and ignite positive cultural and social change.  Our vision is   a world where Hmong LGBTQ and allies are liberated and celebrated for who we are.    

We are based out of St. Paul, MN. SOY is unique in that we are the only Hmong LGBTQ organization in the world, thus we make an effort to have an online presence to reach out to other Hmong-API LGBTQ across the country.     

SOY is hiring!



Community Coordinator




St. Paul, MN


20 hours per week. Flexible schedule (may

vary between daytime, evenings and weekends).

Position Mission

To support Shades of Yellow (SOY) in program coordination, communications, and operations on a day-to-day basis.  

Organization Overview

Shades of Yellow (SOY) is the first and only incorporated Hmong Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) non-profit organization that works to provide support, education, advocacy, and leadership development to Hmong LGBTQ and allies. SOY’s mission is to cultivate a community of empowered Hmong LGBTQ and allies to challenge what we've known and ignite positive cultural and social change. Our vision is a world where Hmong LGBTQ and allies are liberated and celebrated for who we are. SOY is made up of a diverse group of community members, constituents, and allies. We are based out of the St. Paul, MN.  (visit us at and

Position Overview

This position is for candidates who are driven, self-starters, and committed to equity and justice for all. Candidates must have a commitment to building power in the Hmong/Asian Pacific Islander, LGBTQ community. The Program Coordinator will work closely with the SOY Leadership Circle and be responsible for daily operations and program coordination. This position is ideal for an individual who can work well independently and in a team. The candidate must be able to track and maintain multiple responsibilities in a non-traditional working culture. The ideal candidate will have strong operational management and communications skills with a deep social justice analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Program Coordination

  • SOY Stories

    • Lead planning, execution, and evaluation of monthly SOY Stories program.

    • Build SOY’s relationships with participants and volunteers.

    • Work closely with SOY Leadership Circle and volunteers on strategic direction of SOY Stories.

  • Direct Support

    • Respond to requests from individuals that reach out to SOY who are in need.

    • Provide support to individuals in need by connecting them to resources at SOY or in community.

    • Build relationships with partners to help provide more support to Hmong/LGBTQ individuals who need it.

  • Assist in SOY New Year planning as needed.


  • Respond to and be main point of contact for all general SOY inquiries (phone, email, and social media).

  • Work with SOY Leadership Circle to run SOY social media outlets, such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages.

  • Work with SOY Leadership Circle to create and send SOY monthly newsletters.

Operational Management

  • Office Management

    • Maintain organization and cleanliness of office space.

    • Track office supplies and needs.

    • Check SOY mail and respond as necessary.

  • Work with fiscal sponsor to process reimbursements and checks.

  • Work with SOY Leadership Circle and volunteers to process donations.

  • Work with SOY Leadership Circle and volunteers to do data entry after events, outreach, etc.

  • Manage SOY Google Drive.

  • Take meeting minutes at bi-monthy SOY Leadership Circle meetings.

Strategic Decision Making

  • Participate as a member of the SOY Leadership Circle by attending Leadership Circle meetings, voting, and helping make strategic decisions about future and vision of SOY.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Passionate about and committed to social justice.

  • Analysis of intersectional identities and oppression and how it impacts our communities.

  • Highly organized and responsible self-starter with the ability to identify new opportunities, while effectively utilizing existing resources.

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills; values and fosters open communication.

  • Proven ability to work as part of a team and independently with little to no supervision.

  • Excels in a fast paced environment; willingness to pitch in to help others; able to handle high-stress situations

  • Values growth; able to accept critical feedback and seeks evaluation

  • Inspires other colleagues, volunteers, and community members to do high-quality organizing work.

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm about work

  • Proven ability and willingness to complete projects

  • Flexible hours, including some evenings/weekends

  • Experience cultivating and working in an environment where affirmation of identities and personal experiences are important institutional values

  • Commitment to confidentiality of community experiences and information

  • Reliable transportation

  • Bilingual in Hmong & English strongly preferred but not required

How to Apply

Interested individuals should submit cover letter, resume and a list of 3 professional references via email to with the subject line: “SOY Community Coordinator Application”. Please submit all documents as Word or PDF attachments..

Deadline to apply: April 30th 2015.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

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Southeast Asian Freedom Network

SOY is excited to share that we'll be having our first Southeast Asian Freedom Network Convening with 5-6 other awesome Southeast Asian grassroots organization and queer southeast organizations Sept 6 - 8, 2014 in Philly.

SOY hosted the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) Midwest Regional Summit 2014 this past weekend! 

In order to improve local partnerships and build local presence, instead of doing one national meeting, NQAPIA made the decision to hold 5 Regional Summits. Working in partnership with local organizations and planning committee, the regional summits occurred in the following cities: 

April 4-6: Atlanta, Ga
April 11-13: Portland, OR
July 18-20: Philadelphia, PA
July 25-27: Fresno, CA
Aug 15-17: Minneapolis, MN 

Among those present at the NQAPIA Midwest Regional Summit were Shades of Yellow, Freedom Inc, Invisible to Invincible, and Trikone Chicago

Below: SOY with Freedom Inc

Below: Board member Joann took a quick shot of the morning, ready to begin!

Below: SOY Board Member Nhia and Nick welcomes everyone to the Summit during Welcome Reception. 

Doing some summer cleaning? Got some books to give away? 
SOY is seeking donations of books as it relates to the LGBTQI identities and/or Hmong/Asian/Pacific Islander identities! 
Please feel free to drop them off at SOY's office. If you have more than 15 books, please contact us for possible pick up. 


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If you would like to support Hmong LGBTQ communities, you can send your tax-deductible donation via check to SOY, made out to our fiscal sponsor: "Hmong American Partnership" re: SOY to 995 University Ave. West, #215, St. Paul, MN 55104.

SOY does not yet have a Credit Card payment system hooked to our website. If you would like to donate via Credit Card please contact us at for further instructions.


SOY would like to acknowledge Hmong American Partnership(HAP) for being a wonderful Fiscal Agent to SOY, but most
importantly for being a great ally to the work SOY is committed to do. THANK YOU!!!
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